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Harnessing technology for a brighter future

We believe technology is the answer to the world’s greatest challenges. It’s also the cause, so we find ourselves in bit of a catch 22 situation.


Case study

Skip the bank, borrow from those you trust

FamilyFund is a crowdfunding platform for friends and family. Allowing users to take personal loans from their network without a traditional financial institution.


Case study

Get a hodl of your health

Unseal is the first NFT platform where users can mint and trade NFTs of their own personal health records, allowing them to take control of their data.


Case study

Overcome your fears, find your match

Find love in the face of fear — Phobia is a dating app that matches users based on their mutual phobias so they can be scared together.

The team at Codemindr went above and beyond with our onboarding, even finding a way to access the user’s microphone without triggering one of those annoying permission dialogs.


Services - We help you identify, explore and respond to new opportunities.

We stand at the forefront of opportunity identification, ensuring you never miss out on a golden chance. With our comprehensive approach, we first help you pinpoint opportunities that align with your goals.

  • Web Development. Establish a robust online presence with our professional web development services. Our team is adept at creating sophisticated, responsive websites tailored to meet specific business requirements, ensuring functionality and aesthetics align with organizational goals.
  • Mobile Application Development. In an increasingly mobile-centric world, a functional and efficient mobile application can set you apart. We provide end-to-end mobile app development, ensuring your application is not only user-friendly but also optimized for performance in competitive markets.
  • Data Science & Analytics. Utilize data-driven decision-making to advance your business objectives. Our data specialists offer deep insights by analyzing patterns, optimizing processes, and predicting future trajectories. Transform raw data into strategic advantages.
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI). Experience the capabilities of AI tailored to your business needs. Whether it's enhancing customer interactions through chatbots or leveraging machine learning for operational efficiency, our solutions are designed with precision and expertise.

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